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Alishan Forest

The Aesthetic Proposal for Seasonal Forest dismisses local government's stereotypes of forest management. People start to explore the forest with three new concepts: Respect – The Harmony of Human and Nature, Aesthetics – The Balm of Art and Forest, and "Coexistence – The Reciprocity of Species and Forest.

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Diplomatic Relations

The logo design showcases the flags of Lithuania and Germany, conveyed through the symbol of check marks. The red check marks are combined, representing friendship and unity between the two countries. The overall design reflects the moment when two countries diplomatically unite, moving forward together into the future. The colorful marks are multifaceted, expressing the dynamic and tight relationship between Lithuania and Germany.

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The Brand Identity is built in a specific way to evoke positive feelings in the customers. The visual concept is based on simplicity and in the playful game of the old-school retro style with elements of modern. Retro style is embodied in the color palette, handwritten typeface, and polka dot patterns. On the other hand, the clean layouts, and sans serif typeface are framing the retro brand look with a professional, modern touch. This unique approach creates a functional design that resonates with the target audience and represents the company's values - trust, commitment, and happiness.

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PepsiCo Foundation

The objective of the project was to build an engaging, powerful and attractive identity system that captures the pillars of PepsiCo Foundation and celebrates the positive impact its work has in people and the world and reflects the human power behind it. The foundation demonstrates with acts the commitment to add the best of PepsiCo employees to make a difference to be a foundation that fuels change by empowering their communities to strengthen the elements of a system sustainable food food security, access to water and economic resilience.

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FHG Brand

FH group is the world's third largest all-base solid-state electrochromic glass manufacturer. This work presents a new corporate identity using a combination of layered glass that come together to form FH. The transparency, shapes and layers of glass pieces that create the three dimensional logo reflect their products’ properties and functionality and depicts the vision to generate new technology and brings new products to life. The colors were carefully chosen to present the company’s vision and culture: green as the key corporate color, blue for their advanced technology and for the passion.

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Role is a brand that represents movement, dynamism and action. This is a brand for an agency focused on projects in the audiovisual market. Its symbol represents different elements of this universe of video production, but it does it in a simple and synthesized way. Role's visual identity has elements from the audiovisual production universe as its inspiration. The letter "o" cut in half connects itself to the old film rolls.

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