Food Packaging by Musa Celik

Musa Celik Reveals The Euphrat Food Packaging

Musa Celik, the creator of the highlighted design Award Winning Euphrat Food packaging explicates, Fish visuals decorated with garnitures were located at the center. Logo was redesigned with a modern font and a fish figure was used above the “U” <Cropped>

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Electric Motorcycle by Stefan Tóth

Stefan Tóth Presents The Concept #3 Electric Motorcycle

Stefan Tóth, the creative mind behind the awarded design Concept #3 - electric motorcycle by Stefan Tóth illustrates, Electric motorcycle concept, with unique features, like quick battery change, powertrain with hidden chain drive, brake fluid as t <Cropped>

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Chiayun Hu's Woven Sculpture Menswear

Chiayun Hu Shows The Woven Sculpture Menswear

ChiaYun Hu, the lead designer of the displayed work Menswear by ChiaYun Hu explains, Woven sculpture is a fully hand-made menswear outfit or it can be considered as a new way to manufacturing garments. Starting from the big interest in architecture, <Cropped>

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Award Winning Alita Bottle Design and Labels

Studija Creata Shows The Alita Bottle Design and Labels

Studija Creata, the project leader of the award winning design Bottle design and labels:Alita by Studija Creata spells out, The main goal of the redesign is to increase the overall brand awareness and highlight the distinctive features such as clas <Cropped>

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Office by Studio. Ho Design

Studio. Ho Design Discloses The The Box Office

Studio. Ho Design, the designer of the displayed work Award Winning The Box Office says, This is a workplace where design idea is collected.Located in an old apartment beside the park, the retracted front yard is left blank for a broader entrance an <Cropped>

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Olive Oil Packaging by Antonia Skaraki

Antonia Skaraki Presents The Ionia Olive Oil Packaging

Antonia Skaraki , the architect of the award winning work Ionia - Olive oil packaging by Antonia Skaraki explains, As the ancient Greeks used to paint & design each olive oil amphora (container) separately, they decided to do so today! They reviv <Cropped>

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Diamond by Berk Aril

Berk Aril Discloses The Diamond Wall Mounted Sinks

Berk Aril, the architect of the award winning project Diamond by Berk Aril demonstrates, It was inspired from the aesthetic and perceptual quality of diamond.Form and functionality have been equally considered.While creating an elegant shape, use r <Cropped>

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Office Building:infinity Trinity Tower by Chaves Campoy-Mvituzzo

Chaves Campoy-Mvituzzo Creates The Infinity Trinity Tower Office Building

Chaves Campoy - MVituzzo, the thinktank behind the displayed work Award Winning Infinity Trinity Tower Office building demonstrates, Commercial building with 10 floors and over 100 small commercial offices located in Sao Jose dos Campos, SP, Brazil. <Cropped>

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Martin-Standing Lamp by Santiago Bautista

Santiago Bautista Exhibits The Martin Standing Lamp

Santiago Bautista, the designer of the awarded design Standing lamp by Santiago Bautista explicates, Martin is a standing lamp. It consists of one single steel tube that bends to create both its base and its body. This tube is attached to an aluminum <Cropped>

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Healthcare Robot App by 415agency

415agency Portrays The Pillo Healthcare Robot App Healthcare Robot App

415Agency, the creative mind behind the award winning design Award Winning Pillo Healthcare Robot App Healthcare Robot App illustrates, The future of technology-enabled healthcare is all about caring connectivity rather than distance and pure functio <Cropped>

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