Womenswear by Hekne

Hekne Portrays The Ficedula Parva Womenswear

Hekne, the creator of the awarded work Womenswear:Ficedula Parva by Hekne illustrates, The Ficedula Parva collection is inspired by the colour palette of the Red-breasted Flycatcher. It is made of organic cotton, organic linen and recycled yarn. The <Cropped>

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Pepsi X Shanghai Fashion Week Ss 2018 by Pepsico Design & Innovation

Pepsico Design & Innovation Shows The Pepsi X Shanghai Fashion Week Ss 2018 Brand Packaging and Campaign

PepsiCo Design & Innovation, the creative mind behind the awarded design Brand Packaging and Campaign:Pepsi x Shanghai Fashion Week SS 2018 by PepsiCo Design & Innovation demonstrates, The new Pepsi zero sugar limited edition black can create <Cropped>

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Office:mission in History by Chu-Hsin Tsai

Chu-Hsin Tsai Reveals The Mission in History Office

Chu-Hsin Tsai, the author of the displayed project Chu-Hsin Tsai's Mission in History Office says, To build a headquarter for emerging media platform named NTDTV, the designer uses powerful methods of great ingenuity to interpret the strengthen <Cropped>

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Amaro 33 by Yg Design

Yg Design Demonstrates The Amaro 33 Grappa-Based Liqueur

YG Design, the lead designer of the award winning work Amaro 33 - Grappa- based liqueur by YG Design spells out, The aim of the client with this NPD was to enter into the high-priced liqueurs segment, expecting to be seen as simple yet different. Th <Cropped>

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Boot by Kendall Reynolds

Kendall Reynolds Exhibits The Pout Boot

Kendall Reynolds, the thinktank behind the highlighted work Award Winning Pout Boot demonstrates, A chic, strap-on pocket detailed with handsome diamond dust hardware doubles the appeal of the street savvy Pout boot. Pursed lips will be all about dec <Cropped>

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Light by Acclaimed Designer

Acclaimed Designer Discloses The Orchid Light Light

The architect of the award winning project Light:Orchid Light by Acclaimed Designer says, Pascal’s working process is one of constant experiments with techniques and materials, completed when his products display his envisioned aesthetic effect and <Cropped>

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Award Winning 6th Floor Rear Flat Office

Xiaoping He & Xinglin Li Designs The 6th Floor Rear Flat Office

Xiaoping He & Xinglin Li, the author of the displayed work Office by Xiaoping He & Xinglin Li illustrates, The project name takes the same name of a HK movie, which is about chasing dream. For the owner, this name stands for youth, vitality, <Cropped>

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Falmec Life Inspired

Falmec and Desall Invite You to Design New Product Solutionsnew Product Design Contest On Desall.com: Falmec and Desall Invite You to Design New Product Solutions. For More Info: Https://Bit.ly/Falmecdesign Contest Timeline Upload Phase: 11th Apr

Falmec and desall invite you to design new product solutionsNew product design contest on desall.com: falmec and desall invite you to design new product solutions. for more info: https://bit.ly/falmecdesign contest timeline upload phase: 11t <Cropped>

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Nilo Gioacchini & Opus Srl's System-Two Multifunctional Sanitary Ware

Nilo Gioacchini & Opus Srl Exhibits The System-Two Multifunctional Sanitary Ware

Nilo Gioacchini & Opus Srl, the project leader of the award winning design System-Two - multifunctional sanitary ware by Nilo Gioacchini & Opus Srl explains, The production of Forsan sanitary ware grew out of a constant and ongoing activities <Cropped>

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Scorpion Lamp by Hakan Gürsu

Hakan Gürsu Designs The Scorpion Lamp Desk Lamp

Hakan Gürsu, the architect of the highlighted work Desk Lamp by Hakan Gürsu says, Scorpion Lamp is a desk lamp that offers the user huge range of adjustability. The product can be lengthened from 30cm to 65cm. It is really easy to adjust it to inte <Cropped>

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