Veneza by Flávio Franco

Flávio Franco Demonstrates The Veneza Sideboard

Flávio Franco, the maker of the highlighted work Sideboard by Flávio Franco spells out, With its shape that resembles a Venetian gondola, the sideboard Veneza is a piece of geometric and unusual design. Straight and slim lines give it the appearanc <Cropped>

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Katsumi Tamura's Leaves Message Card

Katsumi Tamura Shares The Leaves Message Card

Katsumi Tamura, the author of the displayed design Katsumi Tamura's Leaves Message Card points out, Leaves are message cards featuring pop-up leaf motifs. Brighten your messages with an expressive touch of seasonal green. Comes in a set of four <Cropped>

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Chair by Osayande Imarhiagbe

Osayande Imarhiagbe Shares The Praxis I Chair

Osayande Imarhiagbe, the lead designer of the highlighted project Award Winning Praxis I Chair explicates, The Praxis I office chair from Nigerian-American designer Osayande Imarhiagbe features a unified back and seat cushion atop a rigid polyuretha <Cropped>

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Award Winning Bh International Residence Residential House

Colega Architects Portrays The Bh International Residence Residential House

Colega Architects, the lead designer of the displayed design Colega Architects's BH International Residence Residential House explicates, Sited on a corner lot in an affluent neighborhood in Los Angeles, the project embraces aspects and theory <Cropped>

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Your Umbrella, Your Perletti

Perletti and Desall Invite You to Create a New Umbrella, Able to Distinguish Itself From The Competitors Thanks to Its Design and Style Details That Make It a Very Distinguishable Product.your Umbrella, Your Perletti-design Your Iconic Umbrella On Desal

Perletti and desall invite you to create a new umbrella, able to distinguish itself from the competitors thanks to its design and style details that make it a very distinguishable product.Your umbrella, your perletti - design your iconic umbrella on <Cropped>

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Cradle-Baby Bed:little Nest by Oszkar Vagi

Oszkar Vagi Spotlights The Little Nest Cradle-Baby Bed

Oszkar Vagi, the project leader of the highlighted project Cradle - baby bed by Oszkar Vagi explains, The designer shaped the cradle out of one single wool felt to aim as a cocoon and hug around the baby as a protective shell taking care of its peace <Cropped>

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Decorated With Lights by Gao Shifeng, Chen Xiuqing and Fu Zinuo

Gao Shifeng, Chen Xiuqing and Fu Zinuo Illustrates The 三观|官灯饰设计 Decorated With Lights

Gao Shifeng, Chen Xiuqing and Fu ZiNuo, the designer of the award winning work decorated with lights:三观 demonstrates, This is a partial lighting products and fashion accessories, unlike previous products it is made is a combination of leather and <Cropped>

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Dining Table by Heloise Rajkumari

Heloise Rajkumari Discloses The Humming Tree Dining Table

Heloise Rajkumari, the project leader of the displayed project Humming Tree by Heloise Rajkumari points out, Taro leaf inspired “Humming Tree” is a fusion of dining table and floor vase to hold human sized dry/fresh flowers, leaves, and tree bran <Cropped>

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Corporate Identity by Tsung-Hua Yang

Tsung-Hua Yang Discloses The Bestchem Corporate Identity

Tsung-Hua Yang, the maker of the displayed design Corporate Identity:Bestchem by Tsung-Hua Yang illustrates, Bestchem is a Taiwanese chemical processing company specializing in printing materials. It aims to initiate a corporate transition through id <Cropped>

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Chao Zhao's Weiming No.8 Logos

Chao Zhao Demonstrates The Weiming No.8 Logos

Chao Zhao, the architect of the displayed project Weiming No.8 by Chao Zhao spells out, Generally, the logo design of the tea chooses the traditional elements such as tea-leaf, teapot, water and so on. And this special design of the tea integrates <Cropped>

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